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Away From The Manger

Let's Keep Herod In Christmas

From Great To Good

The Thrill Of Skill

First dig two graves

Jesus Stretch Goals

Peer Pressure From The Pharisees

Easter Sunday Sermon

New World Syndrome

Nit Pickers

Peter's First Sermon

When Jesus Drops In

How God Sees The Cosmos

Jesus And His Cross

Pardons Unlimited

When Failure Is An Option

The Whole World In His Hands

Scheduling Problems

To What Church Would Jesus Belong

A Pre-Existing Condition

Cosmic Elation

Fatal Fixation

When The Church Fails To Launch

A Beginners Guide


The Most Influential Person Who Never Lived

Fake Food

Jesus And The Venus Rosewater Dish

Guess Who

Solidarity Feeding

The Moon Goes Rogue

Affluence Afflictions

Forgiveness Fitness

Said No One Ever

The Unhackable Key

MAYA Jesus

No Slum Lord

The Meaning Of Money

Humble Pie

Making Worry Work For You

Murphy's Law Inverted

The Sign On The Door